Current exhibitions

The story about Alva


The exhibition depicts the story of the textile worker Alva Carlsson who spent 35 years working in this building. In the old stairwell, you can follow the story about the building and the people who used to work here. Start at level 7 and work your way down the stairs.

Better Shelter

November 14 2016 – December 31 2018

The refugee housing Better Shelter was created by Swedish designers with the purpose of creating a more sustainable accomodation for people in refugee camps. Coorganisers: Global Norrköping, a cooperation with Norrköping Municipality and the assisting authority Sida. Better Shelter is a part of the exhibition Land of Tomorrow.

EWK– Centre for Political cartoonists


This part of the museum is dedicated to Ewert Karlsson, a political cartoonist more commonly known by his initials EWK. He is one of Sweden’s most famous political cartoonists and the exhibition tells the story about his life and work. In the gallery, almost 2000 of EWK’s cartoons are presented.

If I Could Choose…

February 26 – June 17 2018

Jennifer Kaakinen, a student at Linköping University and intern at the Museum of Work, presents twelve of EWK’s cartoons from his travels around the world. This is the fourth time the museum invites someone to select their favourites from the EWK archive in the exhibition series ”If I Could Choose…”

Crisis and vision

Until 2018

Experience an exhibition that tells the story about how Norrköping became the city that it is today. The exhibition illustrates how the city, throughout history, has experienced both success and adversity and how it has affected the city and the people living in it. What can be learned from the crises and visions of the past and what will they look like in the future?

Last Night in Sweden

May 25 – August 12 2018

In this exhibition, a large number of Sweden’s best photographers are gathering their pictures from ordinary nights in Sweden. They depict things that normally never reach the front pages of the newspapers – leisure and evening work, everyday toil and everyday happiness, family and friends, big and small. The exhibition is based on the book with the same title.

Land of Tomorrow

Until 2019

The Museum of Work’s biggest venture ever, Land of Tomorrow, aims at tomorrow’s work and everyday life. The exhibition begins in the 1980s, takes the temperature of the present and guides us in a future that takes the climate threat seriously. How should we live, eat, travel, work and educate ourselves? The exhibition is intended to work as a toolbox for a sustainable future – ecologically, economically and socially.

Ragnvald Blix – the cartoonist who challenged Hitler

May 12 – October 18 2018

Blix’ cartoons give us front row seats to the horrific spectacle that was Fascism and Nazism during the first half of the last century. The cartoons and comments in the exhibition are from the book Ragnvald Blix – the cartoonist who challenged Hitler, written and produced by Rikke Peterson.

Capture the Energy!

Until 2019

How can we create a sustainable energy production and in the meantime adapt to a more responsible energy consumption? Capture the Energy! is produced by the Museum of Work in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. It is a part of the exhibition Land of Tomorrow.

My Animal Park

May 26 2018 – January 6 2019

What is going on at the museum at night? The alarm goes off even though nobody is here, and the staff are confronted with garbage and chaos when they arrive in the morning. Follow our animal detective into the exhibition and help us solve the mystery! My Animal Park is created by the artist Eric Langert.

Upcoming exhibitions


Juni 16 – August 25 2018

During the 20th century, groups of female textile workers from Lancashire in the UK invented Mee-Mawing, a secret language they used to communicate through the loud noises of the cotton mills. Kristina Müntzing’s exhibition is a part of a bigger art project that examines communication and secret languages through references to the history of the textile industry and to the evolution of socialist movements.

Documentary Photo Salon

September 8 – November 18 2018

For the second year in a row, the Museum of Work is arranging the ”Documentary Photo Salon”. This year, the theme for the salon is ”In expectation of…” The theme is free to interpret based on the mission of the Museum of Work, which involves portraying people’s stories about work and everyday life.