Current exhibitions

Alva’s Story

Permanent | Starts at the 7th floor

The exhibition depicts the story of the textile worker Alva Carlsson who spent 35 years working in this building. In the old stairwell, you can follow the story about the building and the people who used to work here. Start at the 7th floor and work your way down the stairs.

Better Shelter

Until further notice | 5th floor

The refugee housing Better Shelter was created by Swedish designers with the purpose of creating a more sustainable accomodation for people in refugee camps. Coorganisers: Global Norrköping, a cooperation with Norrköping Municipality and the assisting authority Sida. Better Shelter is a part of the exhibition Land of Tomorrow.

The EWK museum – Centre for the Arts of Political Cartoon

Permanent | 3rd floor

This part of the museum is dedicated to Ewert Karlsson, a political cartoonist more commonly known by his initials EWK. He is one of Sweden’s most famous political cartoonists and the exhibition tells the story about his life and work. In the gallery, almost 2000 of EWK’s cartoons are presented.

The Travelling Democracy Lab

Until may 2020 | 3rd floor

Step into a world that both children and adults inhabit on a daily basis. A world full of misleading information and with powerful forces at work, but also great possibilities.

Crisis and vision

Until further notice | 5th floor

Experience an exhibition that tells the story about how Norrköping became the city that it is today. The exhibition illustrates how the city, throughout history, has experienced both success and adversity and how it has affected the city and the people living in it. What can be learned from the crises and visions of the past and what will they look like in the future?

Hello Robot!

Until further notice | 5th floor

Social robots are here to stay, it seems – but what role do we want social technology to play in our future society? Meet world-leading robot Furhat and see what you think of social robots.

Land of Tomorrow

Until further notice | 5th floor

The Museum of Work’s biggest venture ever, Land of Tomorrow, aims at tomorrow’s work and everyday life. The exhibition begins in the 1980s, takes the temperature of the present and guides us in a future that takes the climate threat seriously. How should we live, eat, travel, work and educate ourselves? The exhibition is intended to work as a toolbox for a sustainable future – ecologically, economically and socially.

The Creative Workshop

Permanent | 5th floor (will move to 2nd floor in spring 2020)

Open Saturday–Sunday 12–16. Extended opening hours during school holidays. Here, adults and children are invited to create together. Children need to be accompanied by an adult. Take the elevator or the stairs up, then follow the yellow shoe prints on the floor.

Capture the Energy!

Until further notice | 5th floor

How can we create a sustainable energy production and in the meantime adapt to a more responsible energy consumption? Capture the Energy! is produced by the Museum of Work in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. It is a part of the exhibition Land of Tomorrow.


Permanent | 2nd floor (entrance level)

Worklab is a colourful experiment lab that’s all about finding your own skills and strengths. Test yourself at the different stations, meet the Work Heroes and find out what your superpowers are! Open Fri-Mon. Reserved for schools Tues-Thurs (except during school holidays).

Little Museum of Work

Permanent | 1st floor (basement level)

Welcome to the Little Museum of Work – an entire floor that families can discover together. Listen to the sounds of the past that echo through the warehouse. Then step into the world of Johanna the inventor and explore different jobs. Here is also an eating area, cloakroom, buggy park, toilets, accessible toilet and baby changing facilities.