Arbetets museum - liten bild
Arbetets museum - liten bild
Arbetets museum - liten bild

Exhibitions 2017

The museum has 6 different exhibition areas totalling over 4,000 sq m. Normally there are between 6 and 7 exhibitions on display at the same time, giving an annual total of about 20. Many of these exhibitions are carried out as projects in cooperation with other museums, institutions and organisations. The museum also arranges exhibitions together with individual artists and photographers.

Land of tomorrow

Showing 2014-2019

This is an exhibition focusing on tomorrow’s working and everyday life. The starting point is the 1980´s as we investigate the present and show roads into a future that takes the threat of climate change seriously. How will we live, eat, travel, work, educate ourselves? Where will the energy come from? What shall we consume? What is sustainable? What can you and I do?

The exhibition is meant to be a tool box and source of inspiration for discussions and thoughts about a future that is sustainable – ecologically, economically and socially. Land of Tomorrow has in part grown from roundtable discussions between scientists and young people. Based on these reasonings, artists and designers have created the exhibition.

Crises and vision – Dare to love Norrköping

Showing until 2016

Historically, the city of Norrköping has experienced both great success as well as immense failures both of which have left their mark on the city and its inhabitants. What can we learn from these crises and visions and how will the city look in the future? This exhibition is shown at the Museum of Work (Arbetets museum) and Norrköping City Museum (Stadsmuseum).

The story about Alva


An exhibition about Alva Carlsson who worked as a Bobbin Winder in the building for 35 years between 1927-1962.

If I could choose

September 24th 2016 – December 4th 2016

Follow the athlete Nadja and her journey when she was diagnosed with cancer, thruough sickness and rehabiltation and under international matches and champion-ships. It is a photographical journey and documentation of her struggle against cancer. The imagery in this long reportage became unique and has been award internationally.

Secret Camps

September 24th 2016 – January 8th 2017

Åsa Sjöström got the opportunity to participate in one of the secret camps for abused mothers and children in Sweden. The summer camps give participants a moment of freedom and a few days of normality. The mothers and the children can do things together without having to be afraid that someone wants to hurt them.

EWK MUSEUM – Centre for Political Cartoons


The EWK museum has a permanent exhibition of work by Ewert Karlsson, more commonly known by his initials EWK. Ewert Karlsson is one of Sweden’s most famous political cartoonists and this exhibition tells of his life and work. There are also a number of temporary thematic exhibitions and pictures by other political cartoonists. Current themes are the Russian satire: Every joke is a small revolution – on display until 9 April. Work by Tove Jansson called The great adventure – will be shown from 28 April until 4 November 2012 (see details below). EWK museum has been possible thanks to donations from the Center Party, The Federation of Swedish Farmers, the Aftonbladet newspaper and Söderköping municipality.

About EWK – Ewert Karlsson

Ewert Karlsson (1918-2004) was born on the farm Rävbrinken in the parish of Mogata which is now part of Söderköping municipality. He trained as a farm foreman. His interest in drawing had been with him since childhood and in 1951 he fulfilled his dreams when he became a professional cartoonist in Stockholm. He his most famous for his political drawings printed in the evening newspaper, Aftonbladet and for the magazine Tidningen Land. Ewert Karlsson´s drawings were also published in a number of prestigious foreign publications including Le Monde, Der Spiegel, The Observer and New York Times. His work has also appeared in book form, such as “80 Political Cartoons by EWK” from 1988, with cartoons representing famous foreign leaders. On several occasions EWK was awarded prizes for his genre. A selection of his drawings have been the subject of many exhibitions in Sweden and his work is also on show at a number of museums throughout the world.

EWK meets Zapiro – Cartoons about South Afrixa over five decades

October 8th 2016 – March 26th 2017

Exhibition of the winner of the EWK-price, the world famous Zapiro. The exhibition contain 45 cartoons.

If I would choose (EWK-gallery)

September 12th 2016 – 8th January 2017

The new chairman of EWK-society has choose 12 classic but unknown pictures of EWK.

Job circus

October 21st 2016 – May 14th 2017

An exhibition about the choice to higher education which sometimes can feel like a circus.

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