Arbetets museum - liten bild
Arbetets museum - liten bild
Arbetets museum - liten bild

About the museum

The Museum of Work –Arbetets museum– is a very unique museum! It is in fact a meeting place for all senses. This old cotton mill, once described by Carl Milles as the most beautiful industrial building in Sweden which is known locally as The Iron (Strykjärnet). The museum depicts working life and conditions through exhibitions, seminars and program activities. Arbetets museum is an innovative meeting place which promotes discussions concerning peoples’ work, lives and conditions.

Opening hours

The museum is open Monday to Friday 09-17 and weekends 11-17. Thursdays 11-20 September-May. Free admission.

Fun for families

Our Creative workshop for families is open Saturdays and Sundays 12.00-16.00 and offers the opportunity for adults and children to create things together. We have various themes throughout the year. Entrance is free of charge. In cooperation with Folkuniversitetet. During the summer opening hours are Monday-Friday 10-16 and weekends 11-16.

The museum detective

The Ant (Myran) has taken lots of pictures with its camera but can’t remember where they are. Can you help finding them? This activity is carried out on your own in the company of an adult, start and finish at the reception. There is a prize for a job well done.


Arbetets museum is a private foundation owned jointly by the following organisations: Landsorganisation – the Swedish Trade Union Confederation; Tjänstemännens Centralorganisation – the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees; Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund – the Worker’ Educational Association; Kooperativa Förbundet – the Swedish Cooperative Union and Sensus studieförbund – the Sensus Study Association.

The running and management costs are financed through government subsidies whilst the projects are in the main, funded by the foundation. The building is owned by the Landsorganisation and the Kooperativa Förbundet who permit Arbetets museum the use of this property.


Our mission is to document working life and bring its’ history to life through: providing a forum for debate and interpretation of the working lives and conditions of women and men. The museum shall also initiate, pursue and support research within its’ area of activities and to administer and develop those operations in accordance with the guidelines specified by the Foundation.

Arbetets museum has a special responsibility for all the Working Life Museums in Sweden. Our role is to preserve and cultivate our cultural heritage so that it lends perspective to the development of our society and the conditions under which we live. The museum shall document the progress of industrial history and work together with other museums and institutions whose area of interest also lies within this sphere. Another role of the museum is to encourage and stimulate debate within the field of work and working conditions.

Arbetets museum is also interested in developing its’ own knowledge base and in consequence has developed close contacts with universities, colleges and other museums active within our specific area of interest.

Current exhibitions

The museum has 6 different exhibition areas totalling over 4,000 sq m. Normally there are between 6 and 7 exhibitions on display at the same time, giving an annual total of about 20.

Read more about the current exhibitions.

Opening hours/Find us

Museum of Work is located in central Norrköping on beautiful Laxholmen. We are open Mon-Fri 09-17, Sat-Sun 11-17 with some exceptions.

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Contact us

Arbetets museum Laxholmen 602 21 Norrköping Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)11-18 98 00 E-mail: